by grimbeau



The simple life is true,

startling obvious

The morning is grey, flawless

My wine soused refugee uniform

Is folded neatly on the pine chair

My eyes are borrowed by cynics

Europe is collapsed

Yes, it’s war…zzzzz



Some somnambulists


scuffed up bad

stagger back

somatex trends on tablet

mauve is the new grey

fluttering joggings, dry leaves,

silent violet slumber

for the wicked



On the Box

elegance and decadence

whispered septic tittering

Polly sipping gin through sock

mockery is old hat now non-u

empathy pulls on a rage of folly

anxious barking yells offstage

its Nigella training

loud loquacious luminaries

call us to come heel



in the ditch voices motley say

plain as pike staff this

the boss aint

got no threads on

bare as the day

he got born

shouting out orders

to us illiterates

in greek

in latin

unknown tongues


though the know it not

for removal by we

babbling horde