From Rags to Riches

by grimbeau


Dragged up on the mean

streets of  Much Wenloch, Salop:

orphaned at an early age

& entombed on death row by four

after eating his grandma!

Yes, indeed, Neil Armstrong was

an unlikely candidate

to become the first man

on the moon.

a modest man with a lot to be modest about,

petty criminal with cannibalistic tendencies.

Till fortune propelled him

into a life of

galactic celebrity,


holed up in a shotgun shack after

an abortive raid

on Dade County Police Dept

to release Jim Morrison,

he was abducted by NASA

& sent,

kicking and screaming,

into outer space.

His last words ‘Goldfish Mandelbrot’ are typical of the man:

succinct yet charming,

dark yet illuminating.

We shall never see his like again.