by grimbeau

Get cracking on now
—that’s better
old Hobbits die

(hahahaha) hard
‘’…’ate a
B E L&T—S ?
(B a co n
Eg g
L e tt u ce
A nd
To ma t o—
S an dwi c h)

Royal Navy Robe
without a belt (or hat):
flapping & dangling
around my chaps
like tippets or
Tom Baker’s scarf
In Doctor Who used to

(the gown not the belt)

looking quite dishevelled, I suppose
two way mirror crack’d

don’t dare to look
if I were in your shoes—
think with a long head

might it not put you off your
elevenses and/or twelves’.’

They cut off my bard
Victim of facial abuse
Overcame survivor guilt
Takes just one drop—
Eine Augenblickchen

The question popped up
castdown eyes analysed
meditated anthracite
its pros and cons smother out
elephantine silences
‘Each one counts’
‘yes, of course it does, each
And every one counts’