Gameshow Host

by grimbeau

blue murder is an option
vaguer notions involve plenty
mississippi mud pie
sanguinity & toast
underwater table tennis
constitutes just one
ding that springs to mind
also: mend s l o w puncture
synchronized slumming it
keeps the blighters off the streets
after pilates & fries
fleas and mice of the Caribbean
Prance in light elastic pumps
or bristle with shaven ravens
tipping away at venality
between long wet slogs
through warm soft tissue
then we all fall round gurgling
gambolling precociously with
lamb’s toothy daughter
Caroline of Brunswick
Who breaks into a piggy bank
& scoffs the Hottentot of it
Up shat creak without a Piddle
Wherein which we whet the wall
A chemical imbalance
In the Fred Astaire’s of men
My Lord is a ram jam toerag
Supinating pimply puss pot
Leaving droppings on the pantry floor
No wriggle room here to let to
Blackdog Irish ne’erdowells
So when in Go do as the Gonads
Spread a little body mass
As you doze on cheese on toast
The everso dumbed down games
Rumble to a disclosure
lack of twinkly anoraks
Thubron & Thubron Ltd
Quality prophylactics
To the monarchy
Since last I could be arsed