tao mein

by grimbeau

Early come-ins &
go-ins at no.13
in da nay bore hood
sumer is a goin’ out
exit the cuckold


There drifts another dreamer,soft headed ne’er-do-well
Sitting close to Budhha, pussy’s fond farewell…

wrung out the bowels from an old dishrag: there’s a riot going on down in slough-
who needs yesterday’s diapers?

nobodaddy in da world inflammation strangles up my mind: diet exercises customs proffer cure for life again big pharma

aphrodite looking flighty in her nightie induces instant korma: suture  strangles up my mind your step on the way out

dere moving the shard for corporate malice: mr magoo went down on malice & is now detained at monstrosity’s leisure