Shark Infested Mustard

by grimbeau

Trashed it, simpering, dithering, dark editor, slow whimsy dulls me, narcolepsy whelms, laps, gurgles…here we go again, malingering without intent to cause affray

A new idiot is born, not a repeat of yesterday’s, that comes in the night. Same exasperating incidental music, mind you, synthesizer meets viola in a troika

Turtle doves, water voles, and killer bees endangered by turn of agent orange by popular demand, outbreak of Pigg’s Chorea

Let soft dictators sleep easy in their pearly cots, safe in the knowledge yours is an open and shut cask of amontillado

Enter purer freer realms without redress to newer cleaner clothes forgetting not to paint your toes, blow your nose, or stone the crows