The Invisible Sixth

by grimbeau

Traffic trumps ethics clucks…read a bit, listening to gnomes & druids
Swaggering clouds puff dragon’s teethy briar pipes…
Milton in fetters, Blake O’Blumenthal.
Blake’n’Pinball—Marriage of Heaven and Hell
All time top score!

Mummblings inner cavernous sports hall near Hemel Hempstead
Mystical masterpieces…and why knitty-knot?
Kind hearted adult rage
Go follow your bliss—mental composer!

Clay, Eveline…who are you kidding, Bud?
Lazy putz, busking it, busking it sloppily
It is not writing, is it?
Just not as we know it, Radar

Smoked salmon rags,
house radish sauce &
flash green brain salad sandwich
scourge my philistine god
Afternoon preoccupied
Chewing on it
Repenting at leisure—
In the belly of the fish
Monsters! All shapes & sizes
Variety of small grain boxes
‘what d’you want today?’
The invisible sixth one