by grimbeau

poohsticks gone eleven
lesser spotted orangemen
after their endeavourings
removing crud
from one’s broken footpath
and sublime resurfaced road—
tootled out to sneak a keek in
my little black boxers,
gait of a failed weightlifter,
minus safety belt and talcum powder,
and exaggerated out blasts
of plump me up breath;
Xmas card
from ‘Jason, your devoted milkmaid’.
Blake & the Gilchrists, Palmer the Painter (not the poisoner, or was he?)
Sub-bucolic seditious
portrayals just show the hell of rural life—groan unpleasant land yield up your fish!
Either way
they brought Mad Blake deserved fame·
after all that’s all that matters·
Mad panning meeting:
sludge, silt, plastic beads,
Jock McRock—lapsed mason,
Well bonkers demi-scourge
bristling with bad ideas and good intent,
impresario in the do’s and don’ts of anarchio,
former surgeon to pinocchio— slopes of early
into that good night of sturgeon’s seed
& introverted ptamigan’s
Eggs Benedictine
Compensate for tedium
Pitiful compensation:
Mandelbrot chipolatas spark
Kaleidoscopic twilight…
Gerraway with you!