One Stop Shoplifter

by grimbeau

The first Human Contact of
the Week Award goes to…

who, while supersaturated
with head-crunching prescription
drugs, heard out my proposal
with consummate alacrity…

Attempts to remedy the parlous
tobacco situation have fallen on deaf legs
A canned orchestra plays wistful dainties on the window sill
I listen out for salvation—
no salvation arrives on the ten-fifty two

Emil Coiran cracks me up
We are all failures—like it
Dormant bureaucrat
Can’t wait to get on with it
More disappointment on demand
Basic human rights movement
Sings love’s old sweet song:

Academe, Sweet Academe
How still I see thee
Lying through your teeth
Understand you shortcomings
Before you start discussions
Terms of endearment
Fall on quilted ears