by grimbeau


Chat Poem #1

The abysmal dancer witters on:

‘…got a tweet from Buddha

naturally I tweeted back–

O! How we tittered.’


Looking out at ragged garden:

took  a modest winter battering

noxious giant Sussex Hens

word mind selects: ‘Topiary’


Sculpted hedgerow dinosaurs

mock Gothic ramparts; all shapes

phallic by decree,

got no choice in theses matters-

black racing car minus

backseat driver,

equals a dead duck,

& a family of

unreal estate elephants.


so nearly lost to reason I paused

came upon my senses

scattered all around.

The duties of the day press in:

Wake the dead, feed the head,

Clean up, sit up, sit down…

All go

All go rhythm


Chat Poem#2


Just now something moved me

& stopped me in mid-step

& I teeter on one foot

like a Wallander

hopping on barbed wire


I saw her on my morning

in the middle of her night

Blocking up the toilet

by the stark hospital light


I will see her later on

On her morning off

And we will argue once again



Leaf over leaf

The page is made

From wood


chipped and pulvered

Mulched and pressed


Blotter and wafer

Are a mystery

To me

But you can eat always

Rice paper.


This evening in the middle

Of her day

The washing machine will

Stop me from napping


We will eat supper for lunch

And I will dream of Dali’s

Lobster Flamingos

sulking in green mud




Just the very thought of it

& l just wet myself

Dry agony blocks sinuses


-welling floodgates spill over




When weeping willows

Transgress their quota of woe

Tell them no worries



Watched the wheel for all

It was not there some mud, chewing gum, and dog shit



Jupiter turned up

uninvited yesterday

Orrery troubles

Waiting in the wings he said

Pre-stressed concrete blocks ahead

signifying nothing yet