Cypress says…

by grimbeau

fifteen twenty one
après-douche fancy fulfilled
anise rub down complete so
whilst smelling pungent
& puny as a nectarine
go below for liquid top up,
courageous blue remembered
mountainous coffee
the over rated preference,
but knowing deep down it
ought be sea-green tea
doing sterling slow hypnotic work on
jumpy pylorus & duodenum,
diffusing furry mauve limpets
on pearl heavy oyster communes…

yaboos sound below,
unplucked poultry bids farewell
hides dry roasted nuts—
a nation holds its collective bad breath,
an elephant farts in Rangoon,
diaphanous sub-uterine
crabby nebulae await the Year of the Cock

Spinsters conjure up bachelors
as pliant uxorious dotes
malinger on every sticky word,
both smiling bitterly
at tatty monographed hankies
which need a jolly good mend,
enduring cruel jibes resonate
in blue conniving eyes of
cruel frumpy girlfriends

fifteen fifty four:
Soon putative sun
sets itself beyond
elephantine cloud
blinding whitened fascia
gets inbetween aerosol
spray paint cataracts
danger! High voltage
celestial oblong blur
electric yellow interjects
Jaded crusty eyes struggle
Clueless under Capricorn