Bury my Hurt at Wounded Knee

by grimbeau

Ten it is on Radio
Balls—Every Child Splutters
Dribbles on and on
Post or no post this morning—
sleeping dogs tell no lies
Made big revisions to piece of string
Resistance is useful
Urge to sudden flop—
Is it a shower yer after, Sir?
Intimate separation speaks
In oxymorons…
Who said that?
Me I think
And who may you be when you’re at home?
Making (all the) mistakes (in the) book
And why would you think that you’re saying that now?
Stubborn bogey (up my) nose—

& who the hell was that?
Must be (the) dainty music
Chopin haunts my windowsill
Tschaikovski: celebrated
(as a) very fast worker
Decomposed (in just
over) seven soggy days
The Compleat works of Peat Bog
Cradled jealous (to his) ample bosom
Making (all the) mistakes (in the) book bar one
I’m getting it on
Getting it all down
(as much as) I can…(as much as) I can…(as much as) I can
Pinocchio is drowning
Where’s the fucking Whale?
Typical just typical
Never there when you need one
O ye Whales!
Ye Accursed Whales

Oxtail soup & toast
Sate one sunny afternoon;
sugar frosted shrubs look good
enough to eat for afters…
So you went out with the stick?
Yes, just a few tentative steps
Are you taking the sun now?
No in a minute
When the sky comes round
Shall we make it two?
Yes let’s make it two

Sun got round at bang on two
Devo Harding or Devo Trump?
Balanced on bladed razor
Fag paper slender
No one saved my life last night
Puzzles me why not
Was I not in pain?