Trade Winds Blow Off

by grimbeau

gust impudent sleep;
Scantily clad warily
rest still just gone dawn;
special chumley warmers
consummate love over
chlorinated chicken soup…

Only time will tell of course
Proof of pudding found
In Venezuela…

(Loud cheers and tobacco spits)
New deal struck post EGGPLASM
(35 squid a month saved)
‘Today the Gas Board—
Tomorrow the World!’

Did not dream (at all?)
on grassy uplands,
snug summer pastures,
capricious morning glory…
Domesticated God
Portrait (of the) Artist (as
a) Vacuum Cleaner
Leaves messiah knackered out
Major events thus postpones
Only minor miracles
Tenable today—

writing guff, combing hair (singular),
Powdering my knees, reading these poems:
High on Rust (pun on Night Ours?)
Made up by Ray Webber;
blurb includes the usual
posthumous suspects:
Hindley, Brady, Ferlinghetti,
Ashbery, and O’Hara plus
beasts EZ & TS—
Critique suppose if the spirit moves
or more pressingly: the bowel

Gas Board-
apply The Art of the Scam
in its Original Jerkish

Horace, Horace wherefore art
thou if not here?
Fancy a smoke & a fag
Whooo o o sH!

Sudden Sou’Wester flusters galley
Oil lamps dervish dancing wildly
Cold pork clunks grace offshore hulks
Red jelly allover waffler…

Splo Ooos h a H aha!
Scalding hot boiling pot
Fair stood the wind for

Sinister unidexters tweak
Spin ludicrous yarns
A Bernie* for Buck House
Queenie gets to stay
& as for the rest—
Make ‘em an offer
dat day cant refuse*

*One million pounds sterling (Bernie Ecclestone size bung*)
*Sweeteners, inducements, gift-horses