by grimbeau


NGS Picture ID:1217302

Enshroudment lifts space waste face
consumptives wake up grasping
fog obscures year’s end
taking one more day
as it were for granted

hamstrung formless fug
contrives a list worth forgetting
muttering snidely:
auctions speak louder than words
citing crumbling masonry
fast ebbing sands of time
drawing inevitable
conclusions on the seawall

Soft! A milkman clinks
Stumbles through the gloop fetching
discounted chocolates all
the way from bonkers Belgium
and bumper size toilet rolls
meticulously trialed on
pliant Labrador puppies
in magnolia kennels

cute revelations
disguised as migraines
prance on stem cell floors
tinsel blubs a fond farewell
to European Europa

1.1.2017 – A
Sunday (as it happens)
Timidly in new boots & scanties
Checking through messages
Lost in spacey time
Pull blinds back…one two three cars
Unusual: three suspect pallets
at non-conformist corner:
head jack-knifed on thin ice
black hole spilt its load
All is quiet on New Year’s Day
Repeats on me like
Suspect holy mackerel
Wished some cousin a happy birthday
Instead of New Year
Onset doolally
Or transubstantiation?
The clue lies in the carpet—
Cleopatra is wrapped up
If not quite with it
Still beggars can’t be choosers
& Donald where’s your trousers?
The wind blows high blows low
Over hollow land
Silly Land

Winter showers
Daylight hours
Few & far between
Fear no fear
Brand new year
Cloudy muddy scene

Chrimbo limbo days
Wasteland flyaways
Mellow month away
From St. Bridget’s Day

After showers
Lamplight hours
Near and close between
Far off spring
Bluebell ring
Rowdy crowded dream

Monday, 02 January 2017
Now consider this
Photoshop malingering
Hanging on the wall
Still life crow reservation
Clambering for attention
Ascending F6

Nothing better to do
Fifty eighth birthday climb
Panoramic view
Bewilderment as far as
Cloud cover permits
The eye to wonder

This advantage point
Affords no contradiction
Crazy hawks circle
Contemplating Toblerones
Fraught with anticipation
oozing saliva

Eschatology dribbles
Drips from slow airliners
Replicate drizzle
Reichenbach or Angel Falls
Smatters not to I & i
Over the rainbow

Worldly Weirdo Maps
Corpulent regent’s belly
Full of wind & piss
Town & Vandal Planning Act
Gargantuan appetite
Slimmer of the Year
Just resist everything
Butt redemption
Handy disapproval
pricks your inner ear
False conch shell less
Previous tenant—
A mongoose called Fred
Swapped strange towns for elephants
& monopods for dogmen—
Many unhappy returns
To Serenity & Beyond…