Mistah Mulligatawny

by grimbeau


Tobias Lundyford;

purveyor of contraband

snuff & truffles

since 1666

to the discerning hooter

denizens of Snoot & Tootsville

cognoscenti of

TheBlessed Durante


So read the swinging legend on the wall 

 Shit rained down in stair rods

that frightful April 

No worries: shit happens, they

just said indoors, just

go about your business,

merrily &  frugally

as appropriate to

presenting circumstances—

keep one aware eye out for

the main chance to flee

as luck must have it one day

when the shitrain stops…


The inner tube got calloused,

puffy pink, cheap as chastity,

spiced up since Swithin’s

cruel orange snow fell.

Do not forget the onion

soup recipe for disaster.


The long postponed reunion

with the Gruesome




but perfectly formed

encounter groups collude

Congeal, more like it…

Turn the sausages down


sense marginal jeopardy.


Eerie Syncopation vibes.

GPS was not quite what

it was cracked up to be.

There was a wasp.

Spring had sprung.

The hard work

had just




standing outside now, looking up to smile, proof reading a Reparation Tragedy, Daniel winced at the smell of posies, wretched at the stench of death, & vomited at the sight of his beloved being thrown on the fetch cart. Her wasted cadaver unsellable. Even for glue…



supply, you see, first outstripped, then,swamped demand,


the value of lush  duchesses  plummeted

ten percent on the Bourse.


Daniel formed a robust cone and dabbed the corners of his mouth    

Erasing sour crusty titbits

Experiencing, as he so often did,

A wistful euphoria

Involuntary bursts of bad breath

appease enraged blue tulips

Hope patrols the Plunderworld once more


Open an outside window

Collapsed in the street

Subcutaneous mites

Kept observers keen

To soft abstraction

News stand plastic rosebuds

Wilt in microwaves

Cute pot walloping villains

Snigger over cauldrons

Cackle and crackle,

Sticks in a fire

Hiccup and hackle 

Wafts come suddenly

Warm bread rests its

Weary gluten farls


Getting pretty for

Mistah Mulligatawny

My fave

By a country mile

Thus finally banishing

Foul Smells of dyspepsia

Back into the sod all of Om

Watching Destry Ride Again


Crossroads up ahead

Places where old roads meet new

Sunshine and shadow

Field stream dream meadow willow

Warm bag of sour scented oatmeal

Soothes as April shivers us…


Stringless vivacious

kites circle come dusk

Over swaying eucalyptus

Airwaves collude midstream

Raucous flaxen haired

Mop of strange foreboding

Scuffing up kerbless sidewalks

Licking over sick traces

Bitter lemon peel


Ginless in Mancunia

Spiceless in Utopia

Piteous hubris

Not a pot to piss in

Squatting in the street

Relief is sublime