Car-Goes Rip

by grimbeau




Whooo o o sH!
s-Sou’ wester bell owS

quiNnquireme galley
Oil laMps dervish wildly
funk embracEs golden hunks
Red jelly oOzes…

soupspill orates Orestes
Splo Ooos h a H aha!
Scalding hot boIling pot
Fair stood fair Viol aH
Sinister unidexters tweak
gO-oglies & chinAmensch

spin delirious yarnsees

A Bernie* for Buck House
Queenie gets to stay
& as for the rest—
Make ‘em an offer
dat day cant refuse*

beware geeks leering gits

*One million pounds sterling (Bernie Eccleston size bung*)
*Sweeteners, inducements, gift-horses