by grimbeau




Bravado, bravura, gusto, pesto, Monte Bisto…
Playthings of the Western World
Cocky. That’s the word—
Panache & aplomb
I grant you, rarely palatable
in very small doses.
Turn off, drop in, chill out…
Clive James back on the acid
Tongue-lashing vitriol
Not a pretty sight!
I’m late, I’m late; for
a very important date
sea change in self-esteemery
clinging onto flimsy scenery.

Sprinkle of
nacreous sky soot,
scant exotic powdering,
brisk flurry of snow
more like dusting or sprinkle
alpine dandruff—
air pollution probably
(thine first exchange of the day—
four hours just being in time,
pottering, sitting, staring,
listening, scribbling, smoking,
stretching, worrying, sighing
catching myself on

Doing me incidentals
mindful after the fashion—
boring ‘ere innit?

What you got?
Home entertainments
To pass away
Spend time with
Total abandon…
Snow, Snow, Snow…
Silhouette lighthouse strobes
Quick, quick slow flashes
Edward Schismhands
Working double quick, quick slow
The Sabre Dance delivers me
Into lofty ruminations
Shaggy dog stories
Fake Jews, Sheiks & Soundbites

Is you fit for public consumption? Yes
Would you pay to read it? No
So why mention it?
Kills time I suppose
Inbetween pressing engagements
With banality, frippery, frivolity
Vive la Brac-a-Bric!