by grimbeau




wheelchair soaks up rays
lazy riot violates
afternoon slum boy
crept off tippy toes
just to drop you off these lines
take the chance on the quiet
while next door life is put to rites
she you understand
could easily have booked up
that restaurant by herself innit
nice to get a bit of sun on the skein
no matter what you may say
struck by Misericordia
just for laughs you understand
of course you do now
you remember what happened
the time before and
the time before that
now you come to mention it

eavesdroppers will
be persecuted by grommits
tinnitis & mice

walking is waiting
at a pedestrian pace
sitting is waiting
as a sedentary pace
which is no pace at all
running is wishing
for a simple life
far from the muddling crud