Daisy Lingers On…

by grimbeau





—a coalition of crackpots, by gum!
Well Would you Adam & Eve it?
Irony ladies morphing into ragdolls
before your bleary eyes
denies defies all common sense, she sighs.
It ought not be allowed, she bled.
Curtains shut below but not above,
marked down by the mental sentinel
‘Must have Gone to Hull in a Handcart
hijacked on the run in Kingdom come’
or caught red handed
counting fingers in the till
Golden City of tiny lies,
Pottersville emits more heat than light
ominous stench of ordure
So who was it scared the horses?
All enemies are liars
I am an enemy
Cogito ergo summer suit
Pass me a government
I think there’s one in my rainbow
Shunshine & showers wee small hours
Aha! Red biddy bam a lamb
It’s a blunderful midwife
This should never have happened
To us Old Etonians, they say
As June provides an end to May—