by grimbeau


O Predicament!
Just About
to disEmbark
on blue train jouRney
lifetime went screWy
(brought wrought iron tricycle
along as well for those impromtu outings
sunsetTings: clandestine alfresco
O Journey!
unlit smoke filled chateaux sTuffed
fur empurpled knobheads
conspired giggling
belittling me as
lowlife bottom of shoe

O Prisoner!
sub-branch line station
bucolic idyll Piddle
water cress sprawl
abundant over chalkstream
water babbling hanging baskets
dripping fifties bloomers
daZZling floribunda
Mistah Ticketman—gimme cardboard chew
He just nod say:
‘Bon Fromage!’

O Denouement!
waiting room (again!)
smokey dustcloud
fellow travellers true fools
speak of nothing but delays
missing fretwork lynx
O Fistycuffs!
heads up collision down the line
quite avoidable you know
these days with tech knowledge
ee eh never mind
not too many dead so…

get green bus instead
does it: Really, shh U re?
disdainful sneers all round
—it does, it does it to get hardened?

so not done these nowadays
concludes in kersplat
enter baseball battering
peace corps dilletente

O Knees up!
choose yer warpomes ‘ere
promises made to self
watching Roots egg on
artesian duellist

why so angry dear old thing?
rage management blind guide dogs
lurk round nearly every corner
ambulance chasing pooper-scoopers
frequent post traumatic fall
out shelter stormtroops
& soft detritus rains
Coz black leaves matter (a bit)
Polysirens wail laments