by grimbeau

While sat below a while ago—before I got the milk in came a great relief—heard a bell ring in heaven
a landlord got its wings—

a very rare event indeed.
About that time, awareness rang up left a voicemail— warm sound
easy gift wrapped me up, perplexed it now felt safer

spinning round,
I trusted again—cautious winds ceased—less tension in my upper back,
the legs grew longer, my ankles suppler, more alive—all in all a new level, no
final plateau as I had feared,

another stairwell to paradise opened— this is how:
a kiss of appreciation and a big hug in hard times can do, seems
it is never too late.

Never over till it’s over —these gifts are fine and
rare for the baited bear—how the

society of others stinks—no purse
strings attached this time—caring for a living corpse—a body of opinion—
getting bitter twisted now go forgive your memories—

they know not what they do—do you?
Smoke goes up dog farts open tent flap—next door neighbours mirror bin
retrieval antics—what does it all mean?—disapprobation of sloth—
spherical tantrums—looking for trouble· now why would that be?
—questions crowd in thanks to dog farts—how myths are made—
Quite by chance inspiration—since walking was a sin—when death
came knocking at the door to collect protection money with menaces—
sunshine and birdsong—men’s semiotics—all foreign affair
gnomes observe great tits concealed by crimson tropical cactus—
Carmen Miranda shuffles across the veranda with a giant panda
shaking a wicked maraca—must be yes we can day of the dead—
four idle prisoners evicted from prison for crimes against the state
—don’t charge in like that—all the time it takes in the world is what it takes—never say die just stop going on—
and start all over again or else—stop wrestling adolescence—

it wins out every time…