Hail & Fair Well

by grimbeau

Ice bullets warm hearths
Hailstones pop, fizz, weep
Shiny clean wet coal
Catching slowly touch or go
Fetch some sugar just in case
Leave it by the poker, pan & brush
beneath the withered leather strap
shire horses lugging last
Hear hail turn to rain
Slugging back brown ale
belt & braces moleskin holster
evidently hard case nut picks up
cards & throws them down
pulls on an unlit passing cloud
gets taken for a mug last
clever jape double cross
real time vicar in disguise
suggests a hand of rummy
stage door bursts open
sneak thief of baghdad slopes in
seeking compensation
finds sweet zilch availableā€¦
on the wall a portrait winks
card table uproar erupts