by grimbeau


Farmer Jones




Seven times seven
Two o one seventh seal
Leaven run leaven
bitter peace odd
Plain paper
Salt’n’pepper aeroplane spray season cropdust brown breadfruit flies wilt
“Abolition of Stigma? Come loosen ties familial Amen”
Sacrum pelvic hip
thigh shoulder neckties
kerchief!—Bless yooh
P os tur e:
He impostah
P a I nt…pretty pictures
Blue skies blow flowered fish fungus—eek!
A booogie Man bo-Jangles
A fall comes before
Pride’s purgatory
Open mind’s eye
Crusty pastry (goosy waxy gander berry
under bramble hairy apple green)
pale greeny gooh burr
prickler perickles tckles trick

dwell within whiffin
well without a care
where trespassers will be will be
all eye & no fireball
swimming in the night lake
blind sensual dreams
periscope up—Orion
touch of water nymph
rupetition-fourteen hours some put in, every day, in and out
(lucky if you get fourteen seconds) scared of being hurt because it hurts
& short of sight to boot
Might get lucky never know
Serendippy to do’s—that kinder ding
Bound to disappoint infirm choices seen one—where? Over there… On the box in the cornea, thought emulate tit (could do worse) trial & error nitro-glycerine boombagabang copycat bummer
Now this makes no sense
at a l l at aw l

Best us wrens kip sat after
Dudley Nightshirt shotgunned the shack
—caught one red headed delve in
bonny wee twiglets, reconnoitring
corpus delicti & vestibule—

Wilko sarge he go ape:
clinging onto balls noddily:
no nimcompoops plea-
knee apply within—

Marquees of Sausagemeat
apply unction thin over
disaffected aria—
mixxed upp massages
grate in translations
Scrotal yet anecdotal,
pip sick tomato saucy—
sweetmeat, sweetest meat goonight
All is clarified
Come heel tether haunt
Olly gottaway golightly gained employ
as vomitarian runespotter &
extremist Meeist
wit therapissed tendancesteps
bad end up in Wigan:
sin tears roll up slow
repaint at leisure
whiter shaded white for the job
whitecat in a White coalhole
dixieland seduces self
to larkin stock
flogging mustard wallpaper
Windmill mausoleum looms
large as lickstick on yer dolor
came inthru the bathroom dimbo
wipe it off as we know well
Close run think
Teensy infringement most myna
Bled squealing before Beak
not a snowballs open and shat case
he Fort hehohi jump
Hot coals
well odd hades
kitch art sloogs kino
Mistook thine identity for a Hut
sillus-billus: strato dimbus
Hit me with yer walkin stick wood yer?
Gibbon half a branch wood eye!
All Hull prison den broke loos
the rest is septic tanka
Eno Scruples hopped on
options not without limpets
Ted Unidexter RiP—
man of the Right right peepul peep’ole
in da no dontyaknow
Played a blinder on outsider
for a purple sprout—
What fang’n’gnomes whirr add!…
Seems this heads off some
Where else?
Forthwards heretowith rockin
to and fro for as long as
we decide what forever is