Do not go Mental & with that: ‘Goodnight!’

by grimbeau



homelessmanTunnelling through rainbow’s end— gaping at St Finnian’s crock of shite—
pursuing nostalgic martyrdom—repulsive depressive disorder—
put me down: never let me go —
oppress me do oppressor

o pressure sore god help us —
unfamiliar faces scroll back the years of wine brown noses —
grant me discouragement now & at the hour of discharge—
Amen corner bed of stars —
commodores cry Zoot Alors!

feel the pulse of her indoors — fell when pulling on her drawers —
broke her head being a persistent nightmare —
swallow the yellow brick road —
wash it down with chainsaws —
something stirs down dingley dell

a sound of tyres screeching — insecticides in paradise —
quintessential now and then —
improves the yield vindictive seed —
the limpid massive grumbleweed —clogs up arteries
of artificial opiums