Hot Club: Tuna

by grimbeau




Merryweather wins come ten—
crescent moon upstairs
swaying eucalytus silhouette —
somehow I forgot my name

so how did we sleep alright?
Simples complex dynamic?
Conquest of F=All
(lost Sherpa Tentpole halfway up)

Pylons Ltd—Auden & Nice Mick
Tragic consequence blizzard Venture—
still kept upper lelf stiff
Wanna let it go ‘Boum!’
but simply can’t-can’t—

Hibernian heatwave: Holy unlikely
precautionary tales, ambivalence, myopia—
cognitive indifference gains whiphand
aged big head up to his unusuals—
he read it in a babbling brook

‘You hum it & I’ll…
play it Django! Ran out of gas boys!
Walked back twenty miles I tell yous!
Le Figerio header say:

…Abandoned silver ghost found dead
doors agape on Cypress Avenue

mystery minstrel flees scene—
Gripelli noses: DJ say one
thought that was his Monet’s worth
Mon Dieu! How we slept…’