by grimbeau

Vitriolic freak show                                                                                                                       vinagrette rien                                                                                                                                          mixed up salads                                                                                                                                                                            multibask in squalid colanders
& whenever finally oxygen is inhaled

Post Scotch Egg elders
suffer repulsive farts                                                                                                                         waft over hang round
until everybody gets turned to musk
noon smiles down on open windies

Long term weather forecasters
impose Beethoven’s peaks and troughs
over Chopin’s genteel tinkles
—until (as luck would)
chaos put them straight again

poor vittles tickle mighty throats…
For that’s the height & width
scornful avarice erodes brazen
& impulsive hearts
until everybody gets burnt
Go Johnny, Go Johnny
Go in sin & hate
narrate stark schism
Blow by blow by blow
Account & Sea syncopate
Shell fish drown as towels
Of wild derision hoot