World News Update

by grimbeau



Culpability, imbalance, the dreaded lurgy stalks the porchway, the hamster hutch, the arboretum, and blunt spikes inbetween; night violates day with bags of murk and lovage

Indubitably, it calls itself Monday, brimful with sullen, clumsy passion worthy of a bread poultice infused with watery French mustard, limp alfalfa and toadstool

Tedium is just a damp blanket on a burnt out chip pan, a brisk riddling with formaldehyde never fails to yield staggering exultation at such junctures

Zoroaster caught herpes off a loathsome vet this day in nine sixty seven, the news when leaked by the skivvies, met with scant compassion

Axolotl harvest late due to line maintenance in the eucalyptus groves of transcendent Hobart-on-Sea

The best things in life are prohibitively expensive due to a series of botched algorithms, a perfect storm, and the bells of St Clement Danes

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