by grimbeau

Primeval eel forest
6.37 alarum triumph
Gordon ‘Call me Benito, Hen’ Bennett-Brown weighs in
Visigoth horse shoe archways Theodoric runs yer legs orf
State of mind yer own: damp fractal legume lizard
Crocodillo east of lavalamp
Splodgerama yucca (New windOw doOdle) HOots munn…stir
(dere he goes again with the siLly wOtsits)
Yes, yEs, yeS dear Butt, but…he writes, he breathes, he lives.
Loopy Lazarus
elides horseshoe archways…
Doodle, doodle,
Johnnie ‘Jack’ daw.
Do not get
out of your depth;
wade in over your head –
looky, look ye yonder swell
Wavy canopy.
Shimmers wrong way up
Lean back and you float fall
everso slow feet
fall up head fall back.
Undead man’s float.
Nose down in wet grass.
lazy crazy dive.
Burial at See –
last willy and teste
(contested). Chop me
up and feed me to
the fishy wishies,
trays of crushed ice
(Rose of Casteel),
like wedding cake,
post a piece to friends
and family, wrapped up in
tri-ply kitchen towel to
sorb up the oozings…
whiff of ‘Goobyee
cruella werld’ innit, sour
grapes, bitterness,
distemper tantrumS