by grimbeau



                                                                   Ophelia seethes stallion temperatures reach levels just plain unacceptable for mid-Julys when calendars roamed the earth—pregnant with rampant satyr—tiny pitta patter of cloven hooves stirring the cauldron pot—rupture fakes junk tradition like salmon mimic poodles
Winsome day stares, lysine satyrs make hay fore smoothies some crushed thing feels velvet ice, starfruit guilt on lanoline, fevers deliver us from antiseptic chores, come five it should be done and dusted for the heirophant
Whose runestones sully my chemise? The permanence of outrage conceals mendacious logic. Watch dust settle fast like loopy gifs. I picked up pretending I was stoical like soggy tapioca blinds. Strange these thoughts of red meat, fish and fratricide, playing on my lyre
Rinsing dishes salves scene three: just bear in mind the tea towels conspire like mathematicians in seemingly random numbers, that’s when the claxon insists on sacrificial offerings of three day old goat’s milk sorbet and bluebells