Teddy Boy Shuffle

by grimbeau

seems highly likely now
rocknroll left here today—drumbeats snarled kick ass
tattoos crepe soul yobbos dripping creosote knuckle
dust ricket riddled paradiddles—
what once scuffed up blue suede shoes never-nevered out of hock
is now found scratching on woodchip papyrus·
greasy kid’s stuff moistly streams out thick & fast as plasma ·
Pasiphae raped by white bull · don’t pull my leg?
Make the same happen to you— send lettuce to America
Squeezed at the border
Cool fliptop brassica cops
Dripping wet grinning all over
feign costive, furtive sly decoy
meantime observe crescent moon
Setting sail for Albion
Alert berserkers clear the streets
Cuff brothel creepers grooming duck’s arses