Jizzen HareSide POv

by grimbeau



Film Blanc tuRns (to): PleA
A viBrant sToneF-aced
Wilderness caressSes leggy foalSprog;

Sum Fool fuLfilling deepfelT want  ofF:

orange civil henna-hairshirts
instead (ja) such Bad unLuck—

Wilde blows harshE gorse—-Bumps FrResh up iLL  ashtrays                                                                                         & slashes brush stroke twiggy broom
WhereasHeather nested sun                                                                                                                              cussed tartan Ptarmigan eGG…:

giVes A handoutta bUrp-brrp-urpp: intermittent:

briTTle foot crunch (two steps back one too…)
Nacrid, quicklime breezes urgE
rhapSodes  Two Fish snap shIps

An urbanE Blandscape noW.
Hmmm…Margrave-Strump Underwriter
To thy StArs
See hER(e) now at it

hArd to Pleeeeaze
Going at it hard
like a  lyCra Frog go At it
Up a PumpKin

Nothing %  interest
whom bell truth be

OUTside (cairn-Gormley)

Only thornY amethyst

thisTle down blown disbursed beI Mistah Woof