Back at Sea

by grimbeau



Primrose promised me

evasion and avoidance

Get down to brass tax

after easter jamborees

lazy  anniversaries


Father, son, and down the face

Pigsty disgrace ful

wish it away with fresh air

citrus freshener


That’s a bit better

focus on and gather up what was

and is to be done,

bundle them all up,

watch them fall into

ephemeral dystopias


gothic slab caked alabaster

slip slop slap on thick as pitch

regard the sporting complex

perusing motley queue of:

whats, whens, and how to do’s


put your best foot forward,

promptly fall face flat

relapsed catholic tastes stale

yellow river reds

run under beds of roses

beneath your contempt

bedding clothes smell suspect


Open up your eyes!

Use the can opener in

your plague ship head box

shore leave is over

set a course and go…

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