by grimbeau



Just keep bobbing up and bobbing down
Watch sardonic heads barking braying constant
hanging over crowded parapets orchestra below jumpy
chuckles brassy rubber necking knowing how it always ends ie:
hit the deck and spill the beans that run out feely
heralds send forth some seventh cavalry or other yokes
cut off at the pass up some otiose defile
laters Daulis is full of knuckleheads
spoiling for a knees up decided time to do
my turn & quit wrestling lions naked bringing down
posh funhouse in Naples at the very thought snapped out
a very whimsical rice paper boatman shrank rippled vague
sun up vanished leaving dead slow women & children & you
burst out laughing for no apparent reason: the very idea
of pulchritude we regret over red mullet…