Three Men & a Goat

by grimbeau

Ophelia melts crushed ice
just as passions rise
reach levels acceptable for mid-July
well before calendars ruled the earth—
pregnant burden rowdy satyr
—pitta patter of cloven hoof bubbling in the cauldron pot—
rapture fakes tradition
like salmon mimic
rudeboys chewing anthracite

Winsome day stares back in pearl,
lysine satyrs rake hay
before smoothies crushed yellow fibrous thing smacks
up velvet ice age, commit starfruit
guilt on hyacinth, hubris
—deliver us from antiseptic chores, come five it should be done
and dusted save the mighty
fallen rune stones these
that sully my fresh chemise?

The permanence of it!
outrage conceals mendacious logics.
Watch dust settle fast like loopy gifs.
I picked up pretending
I was stoical like tapioca blinds
— how strange thoughts of red meat, fish and fratricide are when putting out the compost

Rinsing dishes salves scene four,
just bear in mind damp
tea towels conspire like mathematicians
in pleasingly random numbers, that’s when
the claxon insists
on sacrificial offerings
— three day old goat’s milk sorbet and bluebell sponge
Not really much to add

As to whats been said, said Dr Watt
sniffing digits for giveaways
·Best go play it doggo a few days old chap say forever bury deep·
More like advice to self methinks
sobbing prone alone
violate throbbing ringpiece
shorts round ankles
let it end…

Act one required!!!—
long slow drip condenses:
shower spray gas oven clock
Standing hors d’oeuvres of the day—
First crank up your fruit machine ·
contact · contact chocks away!
Thinking it over gas oven…umm—
cold shower queasy option
worlds warm up after lunch
pure stale air & nectarines…
all to save a few bob·
thus make life palatable
my pleasure all mine at once·
servile oven servant—
in full mess off time but must
(p r o k r a s t I n a t e)—
what comes of no what-what?
Favoured hairdo bee hive·
fink hard about it…Umm
many moving parts in doing·
mount or surmount table
(fuck me a talking keyboard)
here come some trusty hounds
ripping bread to shreds

orange houses sleep just sleep