Daffy Down Dillies

by grimbeau



Churchill’s bitter fly returns
toxic legwarmers it was
the ruskies what did it
—how did it happen here?
Hesta gives out big time—
one too many mourning
in the hearth of hearths
Called up chaos for clarity’s sake—
somewhat the weirder when told
not much will come of it
So let bygones hug gravestones & move on to
plough up holy cuckoo land discretely
Blunder thusly into war
enshroud bon motes in cordite veils
shooing gadflies lies inert your frail old bones
Til happenstance unchained delights
in sweet spring waft— off molten espadrilles…
Cynical salads disgraced dank scornful yawn:
Cleo departs come break of dawn
Books burn forever truly
Sincerely Santa Ranter Claus