Inside a Pornographer’s Trossachs

by grimbeau


‘Wink what yon plumtree can do for you
Wink what you can do for yon Plumtree’

Betterer is the air here!
Some verve & vivaciousness
as I gaze from a foreign window—
silent movies, incoherent builders mumble
argue banter opine about methodologies
sufficient unto the day
None of it my business
A warrant officer tidies up the mess
Dead leaves and upturned beer crates
Songs! Instant constipation
Sit down the throne is free
Sophisticated cheats reviled by Nazi death squads
Ready for Walkies
Beg for euthanasia!
Rock back shut your eyes— fifty knee bends feel the burn
Opiated eyeballs, hanging mouth, distraught neck tendons, final breath
Achilles’ heel got him in the end
Cold and black as ice
Inside a pornographer’s Trossachs