by grimbeau

I am an ear—
one of a pair, two of a kind,
three of an
Desecration time tolls out
Rental floss and toothpaste, gargling
wrong civilisation displaced in them their parts,
go sit still in the sun & absorb some rays of golden naff
Truth is
Got stuck thrusting by the window indisposed to expose caressing frozen post sacrums
— you are only here twice so best crack on with it.
Returned from astonishment unwound down,
a camembert electric cuckoo clock dripped nine,
so much for your handiwork
From the cradle to the groove exult lost country wiles
like ice cream ate with sabres
or playing twister as they buried the foetus in the slurry

One to three for five
sick seminate won two tree
four fife stick heavens gate sundown
treefall light stick elevate