Smoke on Our Walter

by grimbeau


Be bedazzled bot by the clumbrous pongs
rising unmoonlily from the jimcrack froth—
plumscrumptious filo pockets crumple sofa titbits
— enter stooge stage left bearing firewood & chippolatas
grinning from leer to leer (flashing black gnashers) —
ickle rood riding herd after three hard daze at the orifice,
slathering sweatshop slavver, rectal bleeds (occupational hazards)
meet someone’s needs— redundant runcible spoons for example—
f-f-fictive day doodles crayonise blank sable screens
(Yawn long to fill the gap- gap)
Removal men in socks pad about warily in fear of chicken neck complaints (knights of the goiter no doubt)· some things best left- defiant marjoram will not be sorely missed – pastures new neatly tonsured bridlepaths and rat runs.
Begins a torrent from a shifty rampage? Methinks prefer not to think not just in case.
Monsoon babies know the score do-dah do-dah
Monsoon racetrack eight miles high oh-do-da-day
Dawn on the fourth of July, opaque or what!
What! No Quips?