Imaginary Man

by grimbeau



Gypsy moth splutters overhead
Wave say cheese or butter
shiny chin up I pluck me a petal
for keeps as a familiar — Freed!
Stemless, infrontiered, horizonless, no jke. O!
undone’s oppo condescends to rose

Pollen hazards plait havoc from sensidata.
E,g, Misstook red cucumber for long tomato.
Consumer rights for wild Sumatra.
Brain tuna salad for Sinatra. Free the mond
—Ay. That’s the spirit.

Check for Nobby, nun frothcumin.                                                                                                      Gate click bogus. Imaginary man.

Sleep deep through the magic hour,
late October sun,
low and strong, ignites
the mind’s kaleidoscopes. Snow falls
come to settle northern hills
under cover of the nightlight