by grimbeau

First poison songular, one eyed, jocular by elect. Here the yarn disintegrates, sugar rush beginning to suck, new toys to play with see, solo. Significant otter, Murdstone Memory,

chiffon wisps, misty graveyarn, drawn to it, nay compelled. Blame the weather that you say you make. Me is haunting me then is it. Dull ditch drudgery digging up dirt. Let’s pick

another spot. Say Casablanca. Ricks. Or is it Ric’s? up yer bum again, get off…Half term repose from Nursery rush hour, frozen over night some scream. Poor little mites seek

sanctuary in the mattress. Survival of the fattest. Me. Simms for a day. Sylvia, Sylvia, wherefore art house? Balance that book on yer head or you’re dead. Deportment bearing

poise. A Ginsborough Flicture. See it between the lines. Do it till your feet bleed. Post War austere. In the National Interest of the greater good they groomed you. Shove these fillets

in there, tuck your tummy in. steel corset a must. You must improve your bust. Ooo new nylons!

Themes of feelings to rote recite. Apple pie to order. Lashings of custard. O no you don’t— you are a starlet, baby. Oily lizard slimeball speaks pillow drool. Perm one from a cast

of plenty. Is that why she did it? More pricks than a pincushion. Over billiards eavesdropped. Evil snotties. Pimps sport warty cocks. Browned off with Bovil dregs or

Bisto paste. Hairy arsecracks, shirtails and gaiters, besocked, creaking floorboards, pulling out soon, receding tumult, light a Players. What’s my name? Saliva cesspit Ears

looking at you kid. Blackheads and beeswax. What big ears you have Grandpa. Think I’s gonna throw now. Take a peppermint. Only Fisher’s Friends. Quelle Fromage, Mon Dieu!

Stale Chanel, sweat beads form. Not little me. Cut. Pass the Gilbeys. About that part. Be in touch. Reborn a cliche. Whatever on earth happened, Pet? Got taken for a ride, but ate