pontefract cake

by grimbeau



Yesterday’s salad defrosts on the southfacing sidewalk,
four day old stilton cheesecake, half baked tatty cadaver guava gut, fried lightly in oil,
done to a turn, one of the fried eggs got off less lightly, slightly burnt underneath.

If you’re drifting on an empty ocean get jumpy…
Chucking stuff all over the place, scatterbrained
Against all odds Balach Lava Banana pulls one off’
–a coup d’etat, ca va!

Viva Chapati!
On themselves they brought it, plague
espedrilled chameleons
Raven haired chimeraphiles
Slumming it on the Mile End Rd
Vague as aesthetics
‘Do you knit your own flatbread, Senora?’
‘Are you havin a laugh, Duck?’
Her hair was made of liquorice
Topped off with a Pontefract Cake