Out through the Inn Door

by grimbeau



leaving europa today, anchors away,
england casts off from the maine
airing fresh washed wound,
pepping up itself with pillage,
count your blessings bumbling one,
get out in the sensual sun,
live a lottle, throttle payment
when its overdue, polite withdraw at
your leisure centre…

deadlines splutter past like merlins
vernal fire and city pigeons blown off course
bewildered silos rummage
black crows sidle up bare oak boughs
sprites dash past behind and above
lacerate elastic space
one shot deadeye eyes up the killer
through the hedgerow kindling
insisting open wounds heal
at will in twinkling crystals

silver, gold, sapphire diamonds dissemble
coyly wink back from wet green glades
knotweed cushions footfall quash
springs back slowly to attention
jewels in the sun pellurid
Vidor indoors on the box
all star cast of duds & idols
famous for refusing seconds
big old rotten tomato
featuring Lilian Gish
in the costume of a quiche