Little Old Apes

by grimbeau

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1 71 41.jpg



Any old iron from Madchester
presents private versus public school
a sniffy cult to keep tabs on so tell me do

Was time well spent preparing
before chapel of rest muzak
on a sunday afternoon

Stuck in a full blown fall down shack
spectating collective bouts of capricious
audacity dissolving like opioids in a deep sea squall?

That’s one hell of a question
to ask of one in the prone position…

when confronted by such a chorus of indifference

Why not just admit to it?
okay yes i got a good whack for being brash with hapless slaves when they got pollarded by lunatics who got their kicks for waving pooh sticks at with real pooh and got bashed up till the cows came home for milking and it was about then a replacement substitute was found abroad squatting on the shoulders of aphids; how seldom do us little apes
learn to carry on by candlelight at all?