by grimbeau




Just seems shameful like
I tried and fooled about for the best part of an era
give or take a mock heroic epic or two
as an epoch took fright & lurched back
slunk off in search of collective anonymity
I nimbly skipped on past tackles
sidestepping young bucks
playing tough on no future
beyond the shocking now

wild carding sub conned dubious umbrella firms of ill wind repute
Memorized each one in order
sidling up for the holy drop come elevenses
stopped it and plunged
into teeming bramble, inhabited by cunning stingers, vicious barbs.
Coldt vaincautious glances
fiound eye contact declined

Fad spiralling down dizzy alice selfies
smiley vultures congregate below
soon to part at the pace of a plummet
bumping into roaming spheres
before the forgotten fear of falling
came back with a sten gun

pulling out is no easy ride
boiling hot flesh pies
melting under withered skin
losing conchshell round the bend
rockaby snugly safe under silky
green envelopment

It had beeen slow to warm of late; outswung at the end of a rope
freeze framed close up grimace accompanies blank stare blurred
spectators showing off counted marbles queegly in queer kilts spun
while spooning honey most generous on steaming farls, fell into
a nanocoma and emerged from it a cinque port of my choosing.
Kent was my now my oyster. It could have been the world to me.

In the beginning was the end and that is the long and the short of it.
One finds out sooner or later Walking on mirrors is not all its crack’d up to be
Call me Aphoristo: Anything but Egg ; Housebreaker Bong-Daly
toed the party line without spoiling her nail varnish. Like Beryl Reid
said, it was all about the shoes, which in her nasal snob spoof voice
came over as ‘Shooze’. Why bitch? We’re all just as bad as one another.
Everyone dies ugly.

The swings and roundaboutsm, the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the snakey ladders in thick
toffee nylons, that wretched sound of rasping fingernail. Feverish and seeing things, brain baked by
sandfly.What happpens if i drink that orange squash i puked back up in the tumber? Could have guessed
I suppose. Be grown up grab the first thing and cover it up. Precocious uptaker of examples, trialing
and erring. Pea up the nose; head in the clouds; flying twice nightly low over ratruns.