On Hearing the Last Episode of Joseph Andrews…

by grimbeau




Lady Booby pulled it off, little cough, wet ruby. Joseph guite beside himself refused to do his duty
Struck out alone but came beck home tail between his legs, quaffed sordidly on gallantry in the
company of dregs. The moral of this story is from gentry girls relent should you cherish freedom
and ludic punishment…

On hearing the last episode of Joseph Andrews realised by wireless on a bright spring day cloistered
in the cell, self isolated for fifteen years since the old queen quit. A Question of succession pervades
a land locked in the spasms of seasonal upheaval, spring camps on the doorstep don’t take no for
an answer…

Sylvia Simms went off into one of her deep dark funks at the mercantile type. The middling non
entity, crouched behind the barb and sheriff. Will Kempes plausible frailty of the restless ester fallen
on hard times, the implication of conspiracy to maim by neglect, she saw Lydia being drawn in to
an an act of human kkindness with alarm. What of her plans? She wrestled hard for a long bare minute.
Were five legs better than one.She grew tense and nervous. Said nothing…

Beat this into shape, make it ship shaped, a Bristol fashion, ultimately flawed by contradiction and
and by surround sound, drowning in drab pastures, talking small to a comely dyke. From faerie ring
to turdstool callow, weathers of life a plenty. There was a time when this was how it would be was
invented. Making the highway you home has extremes of variety. Water has always flowed underground.
Same as it ever was. You cannot step into the same river twice.