doggo: Minus Catapult

by grimbeau


The Avocado

Time for a bite after a
long, steady haul so far—

Play nicely now
hear me.
No more pelting rocks
at old ladies backsides as
they are passing by.
know that it’s you that’s doing
don’t pretend they don’t. or
me either.
& never make
Out you don’t or you’ll
end up like
the others
Hanging from the yardarm by
the cross for crimes and
That’s you.
a misdemeanour alright.
A bloody misdemeanour.

—Stop that.
stop it now,
you’re making I
laugh. She said
she had
a big bruise on her bum.
Wanted to show me…
I did not. It was enough
to keep a straight face
as it was.
Silly old cow.
Best stop it though, luv
you might have someone’s eye out.
and you don’t want all that do you?
just play it doggo:
Minus Catapult.

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