Bedsheets & Spreadsheets

by grimbeau


For the truth must out
Starbucks fakes a cold shower
Obstacular slowness after
Hormonal chin-wags
Static hyperactive void
Crystal set crackles and spits
Arthur Streeb-Greebling
rings out loud & clear…
Crowded house of noise
One thing at a time sweet cheese
& piccalilli circus
cavort resembling gavotte
Jericho charcuterie
Mobs baying for blood
House of C’mons up in arms
Speaker Berkow drops bollock
Wendy housekeeper tut-tuts—
He who cares wins out
Losers, suckers & bums guffaw
All mouth and trousers
What am I waiting for now?
Food and full abnegation
Of any responsibility
Carry on Contemptuous
Sid & Doris Bonkers
Ashen kneed Ron Face…
Destiny: Tumbrils