by grimbeau




Slice up bloody oranges

two four six eight sanguine smiles…


aluminum aluminium

lapis lazuli corpus


sink top

lays down cool pedestrian

altar piece groove

sacrifice limbs & digits


deafly unwielding rustic

ludic breadknife

to serrate jagged

bedraggled Sevillians


garish gumshield

quartered segments

skin & pith intact

snaffled up cutish

tense borne by bent paw

over chasmic chasm


The sure chariot passes

Imperious, regal, sublime

above vile

sundry understuffs

Abysmal  unmentionables,

Microbial, teeming tootsies

strewn obscenely

About the titan grey floor


swaddled one of my heads in

bindweed, strangulating

taut lime shoelace gristle,

heat seeking drowsy

missile, destination



amygdala sun spot

erupts in symmetry

down in dingly dell