comeuppances (Figary Hill)

by grimbeau

Episodic enema soils domino all-knowing eyeliner, smelling rosy-posies, wrinkling up blue barley blaze, singing snarl laments, waving jolly rogers, two fingers up to bloody brutes, burning perfect pitch, atop vinegary hill, picture prayer card poseur priest issues old sago wind up cry—
‘gerrup yous lollabouts for I lead to clear catastrophe’
As a one they rise in confluence to flee the pungent smell of leatherpiss and rotten grapes. This done its home for tay and jallop, pen a ballad, and settle down snug to dream of giggling gombeens…thinks for dat either way, diss gift of liff, made a hames so far—
bad blood, bad houmous, yellow nile, burning figs…

So come Slocomb scrapping, conniving, bad smell rising, bicycles unchained are no more than scooters, technoprat, hence the n-name: Scooter Slowcomb, perpetrator of indecorous road rage and ragworthy ragout, romper stomper, heart of mould, broken nasal baritone par pestilence, snag buster, cringe maker by royal appointment to the House of Cheese & Biscuits
—lead us on a merry dance, big stink. Our souls need filling up with pink creasote and love apples. My tum-tum winks, my throats a slit. Lead on McDuff. Lead on!

Quince, loyal marmaliser heft a mighty wad. Big hearted and shortsighted as Lordy Arturo Pendraggin, pinch nose of mauve snuff, veruka and blisterine: one tough geezer, well rounded clap trapper, conviver, bonifaced spouter of drivelriddles, a Sucker for nourishment. World view contaminant or ripe plump pluckable legumes and succulence, thuswise rotunda temper thunder sunjugated by munch and prickle, keeper of the nipple, chanteur of logorythm of wife, Thermal Spottie Ars—
In for a penny, in for a mound. Shake fist and writhe, boyo Bucky. The ones got your gnome ennit! Let brittle commence, Fifthwith. Chard!

Knees up, tumbledown, grunties, spillage.
The rest is herstory…