Sherry Cooking

by grimbeau



A load of dross.

Might brighten up.

Why can’t people be more self-sufficient. Less clingy

Abreaction city daybreak megalopolis: nostalgic be bop hangover, muzzy hood. Leggy.

Lurid memories time, scratching around for wine and beer

watching the clock for relief:

hair loss glances, no known cure, pellucid glimpses, hairy bacon

hollow laughs downstairs; fades in, shades out; short fuse, uproar,

tantrums, grumps, demands, frustration, crash, oblivion.

Oh, what fun we had!

Unmemorable back pages best forgotten.

Dry alcove, Holy bush, smoke less fuel, nine to five.

Louis Armstrong, top Toot of the Wook.

Big Six unearthed in vintage esky


Lodger worth a dodge, sober and industrious, plausibly installed, has come home early to be touched:

worm quest, jauntier, shrapnel seed money, six squid a snip,

full of toe curl tales of the loving dead, and the dying I say.

Necessary & unnecessary evils considered sufficient thereof, bad seed diaspora, always a few spoil it for the dunny

First loves end in slender benders. Lifestyle lycanthropes.

Live and lament at your lesion.

Look at the small print bug eyes. detail in the devil. The emotions make easy scapegoats. Shelf fulfilling prophecies past sell by.

errant seed-drill, knave, cad, bounder. Only the lonely need apply


Circling before swooping yow saw her, watchful, gliding, waiting,


stumble and fall, writhe, twitch, shudder and stop.

Go now.

Dive and perch,

peck and gnaw,

pull and gorge:

To Victor  count despoils,

red tooth, red claw,

crunch and munch.